Cancer Zodiac Love Life-Match

The Crab 

Water Sign June 22 - July 23


Falling from Grace Love

There is a word of warning about your relationship with Cancer. You have to be mindful of the sensitive side of your zodiac friend. A careless word can quickly bring your relationship to a crashing end in the blink of an eye. If you ever fall from Cancer good graces, it means you'll probably never be invited back into his home or life. You may not even know what you said or did, but one thing is certain; when that door slams behind you, it's the last time you'll ever see this horoscope or the inside of his or her palace. You could spend years replaying your last conversation in an effort to understand what went wrong. Don't bother. You can never unravel the complexity of Cancer emotional makeup.

Cancer Zodiac Sign - Guide to Cancer Lovers

Cancer are fun lovers to be around - since their humor is sophisticated and knowledgeable in the ways of humanity. 
They love to laugh - both at themselves as well with others – they are good providers and seem to have a magic touch where money is concerned. 
A sensitive, romantic, soft and gentle lover who, when hurt through love, may take considerable time to trust others. Once they feel confident however, the Cancer can expose a wild side that is surprising in their sexual resourcefulness. 
They are loyal and imaginative lovers who delight in cuddling after love making – adore physical displays of affection, romantic dinner dates and communications by way of phone, cards, letter and emails etc.
Since they can be moody, possessive, are often over-sensitive and require constant reassurance, they are liable to react with some jealousy where their partner displays attention to an attractive member of the opposite sex. 
The male Cancer can visualize himself as the white knight or a centre of attraction among a host of beautiful women while she fantasizes as a beauty of famous disposition.   
Best Bed Mates for the CancerPisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer Taurus.

The family that Cancer creates with his mate will have his undying loyalty and dedication. He'll move mountains to see that his children have what they need and, in many cases, will lavish them with material gifts. Cancer is capable of great love, but first he must learn how to give it. Once he does, his family will blossom under his nurturing.
Cancer is very proud of his children and sees them as an extension of himself. He teaches them good manners and social mores, and he expects them to be just as well-behaved in private as they are in public. Home is Cancer retreat, and he needs order and calm to reign there so he can recharge after a hectic day of being out of his shell.
A Cancer sign profile reflects the proverbial crab. Like the crab that carries its home on its back, Cancer carries a lot of baggage around with him. His innate nature makes it impossible for him to get out from underneath his past hurts. It requires a lot of soul-searching for him to feel safe enough to attempt to discard the past, but he will move on to a bigger and happier future if he can.

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